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Equipment and Shop Safety

  • Always wear protective gear when handling farm chemicals.
  • Make sure machinery is fully stopped before clearing or repairing it.
  • Make sure all safety features are in good working order and are intact.
  • Make sure loose or baggy clothing are never worn near machinery.
  • Observe all highway safety rules when moving farm equipment on roads.
  • Make certain that PTO shafts are fully guarded at all times.
  • Always know where people are before engaging or moving machinery.
  • Never allow tractors to be occupied by more than one person.
  • Store chemicals in a locked cabinet.
  • Make sure the first aid kit is well stocked and easily accessible.
  • Make sure the fire extinguisher works and can be easily reached.
  • NEVER allow children to ride with you while operating a tractor or other equipment.
  • Inspect your farm for hazards and correct them immediately.
  • Equip livestock pens, chemical storage areas, farm shop, etc. with latches that can be locked or secured so children cannot enter a dangerous area.
  • Design a play area for children.