Nothing is more important than making sure your loved ones are secure should anything happen to you. Wether thats a medical problem, an injury that prevents you from bringing home a pay check, or the most unfortunate turn of events of all untimely death. Alliance Mutual is here to protect all areas of your life.

Life Insurance Policies from Alliance Mutual

Alliance Mutual offers a wide array of products: our Term Life Policy that protects your family in the case of sickness, injury, or untimely death. Our most inclusive Whole Life Policy includes basic coverage in addition to excellent investment opportunities. Click Here to Get a Quote


Annuities offer benefits that other retirement accounts cannot. They can help you financially as a replacement to a paycheck or give you another tax-advantaged way to save for retirement. Whether you are looking for a long term investment or immediate financial support, Alliance Mutual has many options for you. Click Here to Get a Quote

College Savings Plans

Every parent wants their children to be able to pursue their dreams to the fullest, which includes a college education. The reality is a college education today can cost in excess of $300,000, making a stable College Savings Plan much more important.

Alliance Mutual Health Insurance Policies

Choosing the right health insurance should not be a complicated affair. With Alliance Mutual you never have to worry that you and your family will be covered, no matter what happens in terms of your health or changes in the health insurance industry. Click Here to Get a Quote

Disability Insurance

When your employment is compromised due to an accident or injury, the sudden loss of income could be detrimental to your family's lifestyle. Our Short Term Disability Insurance offers income replacement benefits to help with the loss of income due to illness or injury.

Long Term Care Insurance

For anyone that has experience of caring for an elderly parent, you understand how challenging it is to finance extended care. We are all living longer, which means there is a need for extended care and support for the costs that come with it. Our Long Term Care Insurance allows families to use the benefits in your own home, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility.

Contact One of Our Agents

To determine your family’s insurance needs, contact one of our agents. We will have a conversation with you in order to understand your circumstances and deliver a custom and complete insurance package that suits your family.